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About the Game

The Protoss campaign will be based on diplomacy as the Protoss factions splinter. The player will work with different Protoss tribes which will help them gain allies and advance the plot, but at the same time making them enemies with other tribes. The ultimate goal of the campaign is to unite the various tribes into a viable, unified force that can ensure the Protoss' survival. As in the previous two games, which focused on Jim Raynor and Sarah Kerrigan, the third installment of StarCraft II will focus on Zeratul as its main character.

You are Hierarch Artanis, leader of the mighty protoss race. Years ago, your homeworld of Aiur fell to the merciless zerg Swarm. Now, at long last, you have raised a powerful fleet of warships known as the Golden Armada, and are poised to reclaim your world. But an ancient evil—Amon—threatens this destiny and the fate of the entire galaxy. Only you can reunite the protoss factions and defeat the coming darkness before it consumes all life in the sector.



System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7 / 8 - 64 Bits or MAC
CPU: Core 2 Duo E6750 2.66GHz / Phenom 8250e Triple-Core
Graphics: GeForce 8800 GTX 768MB / Radeon HD 3870
HDD: 12 GB

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