Our Product Purchase Policy

Before you purchase any games from our website we suggest that you read this rules to get all the information you need. Guidelines to achieving a fast Product delivery:

When you pay via PayPal please use your paypal registered email address as your email address on the site. If these two emails do not match your order will be delayed and you will have to go through a manual verification. Once verified this will never happen again.

The same goes for directly Credit Card Payments. All of your information must match and you agree if we request more information before we deliver the product you purchase.

When you perform the payment with PayPal make sure all the information match with the account you registerd on our website. Try to have your account on Paypal verified, if not we can take a bit longer to proccess your product for verifications. If we suspect of a fraud payment we make the refund immediately.

Delivery Time

Delivery time is clearly specified in the product description, 90% of the products are sent usualy within 1 to 10 minutes by our system after payment gets cleared by our Support Team. You can view the status of your order in your Order history. Some orders can take longer to be delivered, for further verifications or others, like the product went out of stock.

For security reasons, our system verifies all information sent to paypal or the payment method that you used. Automatically, if the system detects an error, your CD Key will not be sent and must be reviewed by the GAMEKEYS4ALL Team. This process can take up to 2 hours, the GAMEKEYS4ALL Team will have the right to accept or reject your purchase and return the money. You will have to use real information before you can purchase anything at GAMEKEYS4ALL. Any use of fraud information will result in a ban from GAMEKEYS4ALL website.