How To Activate Your Game CdKey using VPN Mode on STEAM:

Alternative 1

1 - Open Steam.

2 - Download VPN Application - HERE

3 - Open the VPN application and on the drop down selection choose: PPTP Ukraine - or PPTP Ukraine 2 - or L2TP Ukraine - or L2TP Ukraine 2

4 - User = demo - Password = demo

5 - After your connection to the VPN is succeeded go on your Steam, Menu Games, and Activate a Product on Steam.

6 - Insert your unique digital CD Key on the Field and wait for activation.

7 - After activation, open the VPN tool again and Hang Up the Connection.

8 - Now you just need to Download the Game from Steam and Play.


If you want the Game activated by our Service, just make the request on our Support Chat or via e-mail